Our team of insurance experts at your service

Passionate about insurance and human relationships, we offer our clients the best solutions to suit their budget and their needs.

A deep sense of ethics guides the way we think and act: in the management of our teams, in our partnerships with clients and in our relationships with insurers. We place the interests and satisfaction of our clients above all other considerations.

We develop and maintain a high degree of technical expertise. Because insurance is complex, we get to the bottom of things and translate clearly and concisely the solutions available to our clients. Our coverage summaries, analysis and action plans are models in this area.
We venture off the beaten path and implement innovative solutions. Because the needs of our clients cannot always be satisfied by the standard solutions on the market, we explore new avenues and negotiate customised insurance coverage.
Our teams manage insurance portfolios with rigour and stringency, with the sole aim of providing the excellence that our clients have the right to expect. Our work processes are fluid and complete, execution times are short and we are available at all times to handle the requests of our clients.
We are independent, self-financed and free in our actions, and we favour stability and a long-term vision in our activities and relationships.

  • Mario Vanolli-Marvan Mario Vanolli: Associate, President.
  • Romain Vanolli-Marvan Romain Vanolli: Manager, account manager, complex projects.
  • Bardya Casemi-Marvan Bardya Casemi: Responsible for commercial development.
  • Caroline Roth-Marvan Caroline Roth: Office manager, in charge of organisation and administration.
  • Arnaud Vanolli-Marvan Arnaud Vanolli: Support for projects related to processes, reporting and management tools.