Our insurance solutions and our support for individuals

Details of our private insurance coverage


Coverage for your real estate, household effects, private civil liability for you and your family, and your responsibility as a property owner. back


Some goods must be insured separately due to their nature and value. This is the case for art collections, jewellery and any other valuable object.
For art collectors, we also offer high performance coverage solutions for stationary collections, those in circulation, loans during exhibitions, consignment during appraisals or restoration, and for storage in free ports. back


Whatever your means of transport, whether you drive a car, a motorbike, sail a boat or fly your own plane, together we can find the insurance company and product most suitable for you. back


In everyday life, in your dealings with third parties, when you conclude a contract or purchase goods or services, litigation can occur at any time and cost you a lot of money. You may cause damage to a third party or injure someone, or you may feel wronged and want to defend your interests. To guarantee you effective and complete insurance protection, we suggest combining civil liability with legal protection coverage, which offers additional services. back


Travel insurance and assistance offers optimal protection for your business trips: emergency hospitalisation, evacuation from areas at risk, repatriation, major crisis situations, and reimbursement of travel expenses and for lost or damaged luggage. back


Health insurance is one of the most important forms of personal insurance coverage in Switzerland, and for most of us it is the first item in our insurance budget in terms of premium expenses. Whether you have simple mandatory coverage under the federal law on compulsory healthcare (LAMal) or supplementary coverage as well, the alternatives are numerous and the products complex. Marvan provides you with valuable support to help you understand your current coverage, and the options and various models available to maintain good coverage and save on premiums. We assist you with the formalities during a change of health insurance company. back