Ask us to analyse your private insurance portfolio

When did you last review your insurance portfolio? When did you last see how your coverage competes on the market? Are you certain that you have the coverage that is most suitable for your needs, your activities and those of your family?

Together, we can answer these questions accurately and completely, and we will provide you with our expertise and our guarantee of professional and committed support.
In most of our analyses, we find a gap between coverage needs and the coverage actually underwritten, leading to misunderstandings and frustration when a claim arises. Small details in your contracts can have dramatic consequences and jeopardise your savings. Marvan performs portfolio analysis for all those who wish to make a serious, thorough and uncompromising review of the state of their insurance coverage. At the end of the analysis, we draw up a clear, concise and accurate report on the recommendations to be put in place. You then decide whether to make the changes yourself, or to entrust us with this work and the overall monitoring of your insurance portfolio.

Direct analysis of your private insurance portfolio

If you would like to instruct us without a prior appointment, you can download the analysis mandate, complete it and send it back to us. Tell us which companies you are insured with. Keep the LSA fact sheet for your files. We will take care of everything else. Within three weeks of receiving your mandate, we will provide you with our analysis report, and the mandate will be automatically terminated. Then, if you would like us to implement the recommendations of the report, we will meet to discuss an extension of our collaboration.