1. Analysis of your insurable risks

An analysis of your company’s insurable risks is an essential prerequisite to the proper construction of an insurance portfolio. Marvan assists you in the evaluation of your risk exposure (facilities, logistics, geography, human resources, operations, products and services etc.).
We pay particular attention to analysis of the group structure and legal entities, an understanding of your activities and value chain, purchase of products or final delivery, contractual relations with third parties (suppliers, sub-contractors, customers) and in the field of human resources, the characteristics of your employees, their activities for the company, travel and absenteeism. Finally, we verify your risk tolerance and the financial resources of your company to deal with a claim. We outline claim scenarios and incorporate sectoral benchmarks and benchmarking data into our considerations.

2. Structuring of insurance coverage

After completion of the analysis of insurable risks, we prepare an overview of your insurance coverage, identify duplications and gaps in coverage, and make a series of recommendations to readjust the contracts to your best interests. We then assist with the changes and the issuance of improved insurance contracts.

3. Management of insurance portfolios

Then comes the portfolio management phase itself. Marvan has modern management tools, proven processes and digitalisation of all documentation, enabling it to access information quickly and easily to effectively manage your insurance portfolios.