Ask us to analyse your company insurance portfolio

Risks evolve rapidly in the business world. Insurance taken out at a certain point in time will not necessarily answer the needs of the development of your activities and your environment. Products offered by insurers evolve rapidly, and the new versions of contracts and general conditions are worth reviewing carefully.

In most cases, we find a gap between insurance coverage needs and the coverage actually underwritten, leading to misunderstandings and frustration when claims arise. Small details in your contracts can have dramatic consequences in the event of claims and jeopardise the survival of your company.
Marvan performs a portfolio analysis for those that wish to make a serious, thorough and uncompromising review of the state of their insurance coverage. At the end of our analysis, we draw up a clear, summarised and precise report of the recommendations to be put in place. You then decide whether to make the changes yourself, or to entrust us with this work and the overall monitoring of your insurance portfolio.